Tuesday, August 15, 2017


You know I can find myself buzzing like a busy bee.  I am doing this thing and doing that thing but at the end of the day...I have been busy but not effective.   I think this is something we must guard against, The willingness to be busy for the sake of saying, "I am busy."  Let us map out our lives and become more strategic in our planning and doing.   So the next time busy shows up tell busy, "you don't have time because you are too busy being effective."

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Devotional Today [Possessing the Will to Win]


The fight for our souls began the moment we were born. Sin, that nature we inherited from our father and mother (Adam and Eve) is innate in us.

 Adam and Eve who was the express image of God's perfection traded it all to obey the serpent in the garden of Eden in order to know what it felt to be god-like.

Hmm...intresting the same action that caused him (Satan) to be cast out of heaven with a 3rd of the angels. Consequently, is what he deceived man with thus getting us thrown out of heaven on earth...Wow! Sin is truly one of the worse things that humanity does best, it comes easy to us.

It is the fools gold of humanity because its yeild is only the fruit of death and nothing good ever comes from sin.

The Bible said, "We were born in sin and shaped in iniquity." So that would explain why we who were shaped into the image of perfection, and who recieved the breath of life from our Father Jehovah now struggles to live in his image of holiness.

 The curse of sin abhors holiness. Holiness always reminds the curse of sin that the state of damnation is not permanent in the Spirit.

 The Bible said that, "God breath into the nostrils of Adam and man became a living soul." The curse of sin can't touch the breath of God only the flesh of man.

 So this should be good news to those that want to be regenerated in Christ Jesus.

Regeneration Is A Must

What is regeneration? Regeneration simply means to be Renewed, Restored, Revived. Oh my Goodnesses, I am getting happy right here! Holy living however difficult is not impossible in Christ Jesus.

 The Devil with great alacrity tries to wage war in our minds and fill our souls and hearts with filth. It is in the mind of the believer were we can experience some of the most fieriest fighting for our souls.

 Also, it is in the mind were we can enjoy some of the greatest victories. Hallelujah! The good news is God didn't leave us powerless, He made us powerful in Christ Jesus.

The regeneration of our souls when we accept Jesus as our personal Savior and Lord bequeaths unto us the power over sin. It gives us the power to break every chain and releases us from the baggage (some that was forced upon us and some we willingly sought after).

But are we really ready to win a winnable fight. In spite the lies of the devil and others this fight is very winnable. But are you tough enough? You should be because you have Jesus as your Lord! The Bible says that we are overcomers.

 James 4:7, says "Submit to God and resist the Devil and he will flee."

So the question is are we ready to tell our bodies what they can't have, and minds what they can't think?

 So the question is not can we come out from amoung these things...The question is will we come out from amoung these things using the power of Jesus Christ.  God bless.

Take Away

We were born into this world with baggage. However, though we have things that we have to fight daily, God the Father has given us Jesus and Jesus has given us his Holy Spirit to overcome the enemy. So use the power of Jesus' Spirit and His word to win.


Father in the name of Jesus please help us to discover the winner within. We know that You have given us power to be winners but forgive us when we have chosen the losing path. I pray Lord that you will bless us mighty God make us victorious in every weak area in our lives. We bless You God and we love You in Jesus name amen.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

This Movie Is A Must See... (War Room)

Can I just say..."Wow!"  This movie is by far the best Christian movie I have seen.  The War Room will have you in tears and then you will be laughing and praising God.  I thought we were going to have church right there in the theater. 

This is a must see movie.  Please don't wait to see it on Red Boxs or Netflixs make your way into the theater and show the world how we (Christians) do it.

My wife and I went to see this movie after hearing great things and man...We weren't disappointed at all....We left the movie full of God’s Holy Spirit and overjoyed that Jesus was glorified so mightily on the big screen.

The War Room has an awesome cast of professionals.  The acting was great and for those that love a good storyline then this is your movie.

I really want to share with you what went on in the movie...like the child that can't keep a secret...lol

But I am one of those people that don’t like people telling me about the movie especially if I haven't seen it yet.  So I will be quite and will refrain..lol

However, please go and make an investment not only in the movie but also in your spiritual life, you will not leave disappointed.  God bless you.

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Friday, September 4, 2015

Devotional Today (The Language of Love )


Life can appear to be overwhelming at times but take heart the Lord knows all about you and your situation.God really does understand the needs, wants and desires of His children but He also wants us to communicate those things to Him.

You mean really talk to God? Yes, I mean really spill the beans to Him...Tell Him about the Wizard, Oz, Todo, Dorothy....

imagethe Tinman...everybody lol...Ha,ha,ha but no foreal...Dorothy was rocking those ruby red slippers right? Okay, okay back to the devotional...

We can often miss how precious it is to have a God that cares, understands and listen to His children. Your voice really does matter to God. The Lord wants us to plug in and not just drain the energy out of our relationship with Him.

 He wants to have a very intimate relationship with us. So how do we accomplish that? We accomplish that by prayer, talk time and loving on God by our obeidence.

 Prayer must be an essential part of our relationship with God because  prayer is how we communcate with our heavenly Father.  Consequently, when God answers prayer and leads us with His gentle Spirit  this is how our Father communicates with us mostly.

 God has a way of sending someone by at the right time with the right word.  The Lord will speak rhema into our lives and when we leave that encounter we are so refreshed by that encouragement knowing that it was the Lord using that person to address our needs.

 This is one way to know that the Father has heard us and cares about how we feel.  He tells us to be "Anxious for nothing but by prayer, supplication and thanksgiving make our request made known unto God and He will give us an awesome peace that surpasses all understanding."

 Jesus really does care for His children.
How do you know that you are His child?  When you have accepted Him as Saviour and Lord and believed that God the Father has raised Him up from the grave.

 When we do this we have eternal life and also solidify that we are His.  So today put your anxiety, worry, doubt, frustration into the Master's hand and He will reward you with peace.  God bless you...

The Take Away

Know that you are not alone in your struggles. You have a caring Father just waiting to hear the deepest woes of your heart. He is ready to trade beauty for ashes, joy for mourning and peace for your frustration and anxiety.


Father you know what we stand in need of today. Help me when I am stressing and feeling hopeless. Always reassure me as your child that you are there and you care about what I am facing today. Give me peace and strengthen my heart in Jesus name...Amen.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Devotinal Today (Unfulfilled Potholes In Our Souls)


What do I long for?

I believe that this is a question that we have all asked ourselves. This question is deep but telling. It is a question that has the potential to reveal the innermost workings of our hearts. What is it that my heart truly desires?

 I think that this is a very valid question. Our hearts desires are different. Some of us desires to be loved by others, some of us desire to be filthy rich and have money oozing out of our ears, some of us desire to have the perfect family, some of us desire to be liked.

 However, I think that knowing what is really in our hearts can help us to grow spiritually. If you asked Christians who do they love? ...For PR purposes (public relation purposes) we will all yell Jesus (or at least I hope so). But if you were to look at the fruit of some of our lives it would indeed tell a different story.

 It is sorta kinda like driving through the streets of New York city, or Downtown DC. The streets are filled with potholes that are covered over with tar and gravel. If you were to ask the city, "Why are there so many badly covered potholes.?"  I believe they would answer, "The streets are okay, they are in workable condition." But when you drive on them you look at your car and you say, "Why wasn’t these potholes filled, this road is terrible."

The same can be said about our lives at times. We can walk around looking healed on the inside but if we would be honest we have covered over the Potholes in our souls with relationships, television, excuses, humor, addictions, overeating, pretentiousness, things, conquest but some how we are still unfulfilled.

 Why is this? I believe whenever we are using inferior materials (people, relationships, success, conquest, lust, things) we will always come up empty and extremely destructive to ourselves and the passers-by that are around us.

 We will always be longing for something that is lasting an absolute. Truth be told our souls are always longing for something. God has created us that way to always be longing, searching, never satisfied with this world. Why? Because He knows that if we keep searching we will find the answer to that riddle and that answer is


Romans 8:22-23 says, "For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now. Not only that, but we also who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, eagerly waiting for the adoption, the redemption of our body.

 We must understand that our longings must be for God but if we take those longings and misdirect them towards the lust of the world we will always feel empty. God has given us family, spouses, money, relationships, friends but those things come after we have put Him at the top of our priority list. Those things come to us after we have sought first the kingdom of God and the righteousness of Jesus.

The Take Away

Remember that only what we do for Christ will last. Jesus wants to be our number one priority not our number two or three. He doesn't want to be our go to when we are in a bind. But He wants to be our total fulfilment.


Lord God help us to make you our number one even when we are feeling alone and struggling within ourselves. Keep us God when we are tempted to trust your glory to another or something. Give us the strength and vision to always steer clear of our unfulfilled potholes in Jesus name I pray...amen.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

La devoción al día (De Alfombras de madera dura)


¿sabía usted que usted puede ser tan cuidadosos con la vida que no vas a lograr mucho? Algunos de nosotros estamos luchando con un botiquín de primeros auxilios mentalmente. Una mentalidad que dice: "Nunca voy a tomar riesgos." "Siempre y cuando me quedo en mi burbuja nunca voy a hacerme daño." Hmmm ... Me pregunto es esta sabiduría o el miedo?

 Sé que el riesgo puede ser riesgoso y temerosos a veces, pero algo de riesgo es necesario para el éxito. Debemos ser capaces de hacer frente a las decepciones y saber que hemos hecho todo lo posible. No sólo esto, pero debemos confiar en Dios lo suficiente para que cuando hemos hecho nuestro mejor esfuerzo Él nos recompensará por ello.

 Al igual que los bebés cuando están aprendiendo a caminar toman riesgos. Mi hija es tan atrevido en este momento. Probablemente pasará de brazos si la dejaba porque ella está motivado para tener éxito y empezar a caminar (que realmente no ha procesado el miedo aún en sólo ocho meses).

 Creo que necesitamos a veces adoptan un enfoque bebés al miedo y decepción. Tenemos que tomar el riesgo calculado. Ahora permítanme aclarar ... Yo no estoy hablando de tener una aventura o robar un banco o algo así de loco. Pero estoy hablando de cumplir 50 años y conseguir su GED, la búsqueda de la vida de nuevo después de un divorcio o iniciar un negocio en sus 30 años, sigue presionando hacia adelante después de que usted y su marido han tenido un aborto involuntario y confiar en Dios para traer esa familia, salvar su matrimonio incluso cuando parece que la parte inferior está a punto de caerse.

  2 Timoteo 4: 7 dice: "Porque Dios no nos ha dado un espíritu de temor, sino de poder, de amor y de dominio propio." También 1 Pedro 5: 6-7 dice: "Humillaos, pues, bajo la poderosa mano de Dios, para que él os exalte a su debido tiempo, echando toda vuestra ansiedad sobre él, porque él tiene cuidado de vosotros."

 Así que si siempre vamos a caminar sobre el suelo de moqueta nunca podemos descubrir la belleza de la madera dura ... Espero que esto ayude ... Dios

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Daily Devotional (From Carpet to Hardwood)


Did you know that you can be so careful with life that you will not accomplish much?  Some of us are struggling with a first aid kit mentally.  A mentality that says, "I will never take risks." "As long as I stay in my bubble I will never get hurt." Hmmm...I wonder is this wisdom or fear?

 I know that risk can be risky and fearful at times but some risk is necessary for success.  We must be able to face disappointments and know that we have done our best. Not only this but we must trust God enough that when we have done our best He will reward us for it.

 Just like babies when they are learning how to walk they take risk. My daughter is so daring right now. She will probably jump from our arms if we would let her because she is motivated to succeed and start walking (she hasn't truly processed fear yet at only eight months).

 I believe we need to at times take a babies approach to fear and disappointment. We need to take calculated risk. Now let me clarify...I am not talking about having an affair or robbing a bank or anything crazy like that.

 But I am talking about turning 50 and getting your GED, finding life again after divorce or starting a business in your 30's, continuing to press forward after you and your husband have had a miscarriage and trust God to bring forth that family, saving your marriage even when it looks like the bottom is about to fall out.

 2Timothy 4:7 says, "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." Also 1 Peter 5:6-7 says,"Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you."

 So if we will always walk on carpeted floors we can never discover the beauty of Hardwood...  I hope this helps... God bless!!!

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